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We are a German cheese affineur and broker, exporting artisan cheese around the world – from the United States, UK and EU to Singapore and more. Our cheeses generally come from Bavaria and Austria, ranging from hard mountain cheeses (aged from 5 months to 18-24 months) to semi-hard and soft cheeses. Our cheeses are all produced in small batches, making their production and distribution very select.

We travel directly to remote village dairies in order to select and bring the best Alpine cheeses to the rest of the world: These hidden gems dot the roads traversing the majestic Allgäu Alps of Bavaria and the Bregenz Forest in Austria. Small-scale producers work with farmers who allow their cows to graze along the lush mountainside.

Their silage-free milk (Heumilch ) makes all the difference in these handcrafted cheeses. The cows have the best diet in the world of abundant pasture in the summer and hay throughout the winter.

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