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Biohof Aufmuth 


Sandra & Andreas Aufmuth recently took over his family’s organic farm in the Allgau.  His father converted the farm to biodynamic practices in the early 1990’s.  Their closed circuit approach to farming allows them to control the entire life cycle, and treat the land with only self made biodynamic preparations.

Their small herd is comprised solely of the indigenous breed of the region, the Allgauer Braunvieh.  This endangered, dual purpose breed is sturdy and agile, having adapted to the landscape over time.  From April to November, the cows graze on the farms pastures.  While in the barn they are sustained on the farms own hay.  They are never fed corn or any sort of concentrated feed.

All of the cows retain their horns, a further display of the beauty of this native breed.  Cow horns are central and essential to the biodynamic preps and practices,  and are a distinct feature of Ruminants.  Ruminants have a special digestive system: their four chamber stomach structure facilitates the fermentation of cellulose, and allows them to simultaneously produce milk suited for human consumption along with their manure which is the perfect fertilizer for growing plants, which in turn advances humus formation which benefits the farms overall landscape.  Though not proven, horns are considered to be linked to this digestive process and when permitted to retain their horns there seems to be a correlation to higher soil quality overall.





Babies are kept with their mothers for up to 6 months, a practice they find is essential to ensuring the overall health and longevity of the cows.  The average cow in their herd has a life span of 10-12 years.

Just like the calves, the next generation of Aufmuth live and work alongside their parents and enthusiastically take on the tasks of rounding up the  herd and bringing them back down to the barn as well as feeding the bunnies.  


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