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Sellthürner Käskuche

Hard cheese has been produced in the Allgäu for over 150 years, originally on alpine pastures or in small village dairies. Sellthürn cheese maker Rudi Gmeiner is proud to run such a small cheese dairy in the Alpine foothills of the Allgäu. Of course, he won’t tell us the recipe for his good cheese made from raw milk, but he makes no secret of the most important point.

And that is the silage-free feeding of the cows, i.e. no fermented feed at all. The eight farmers who supply their milk to Sellthürner Käsküche feed their Allgäu Braunvieh cattle exclusively with fresh grass in summer and hay in winter. This means that the cheese dairy can process around 5,000 liters of the very best, freshly milked raw hay milk every day throughout the year – and you can taste it.

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