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Sternschnuppe (organic)

Sternschnuppe (organic)

MILK: thermized cow’s MILK
FAT CONTENT: F.i.Tr. 48%
AGE: 3 months
PRODUCERS: Käsküche-Isny
REGION: Allgäu (BW)
COUNTRY: Germany
NOTE: Texture is open & springy while buttery. Slightly funky, with lingering flavors of roasted meat, cauliflower, walnuts & mushrooms.
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A falling star from Käsküche Isny, Sternschnuppe has a flavor and texture all its own. More open in texture than many cooked and pressed Alpine style cheeses, the paste is semi firm with small eyes throughout. Smeared with a red wine and herb wash, Sternschnuppe has a tackier rind than its larger siblings, and a paste with just a touch more funk, almost like well-seasoned roasted meat marinated in whey. Flavors are long and mushroomy, as if saturated in a porcini rich broth.

Located in the Allgäu region of the Bavarian Alps, Käsküche-Isny was established in 1998 by a group of ecologically minded dairy farmers, wanting to make organic cheese in a sustainable setting. Their goal was to create traditional Allgäu cheese to showcase the high quality of their Alpine milk. Today, 25 years after the dairy was founded, a group of seven farmers contribute milk daily, which master cheesemaker Alexander Diet uses to craft eight different cheeses sold at three different ages.

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organic cow's Milk, Salt, Cultures, natural Rennet
Nutrition factsExpression per 100 g
Energy value1937 kJ/ 467 kcal
Fat39,63 g
of which saturates27,41 g
Carbohydrate0,1 g
of which sugars0,1 g
Protein27,67 g
Salt1,8 g
**Reference intake of an average adult (8 400 kJ/2 000 kcal)


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